SINEVA Zhejiang helps to usher in the “chip” development for IC industry

Company News
On September 26, more than 60 member units, including SINEVA  Zhejiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Haixin Micro, and TDG, gathered to announce the official establishment of the Haining Integrated Circuit Industry-Education Integration Alliance. Cao Guoliang, Haining Mayor, Wei Guofeng, Member of Municipal Standing Committee, Yang Wenhua, Shen Qinli, Tang Hongzhen, Deputy Mayors, Xu Guojie, Jiaxing Education Bureau Deputy Director, and representatives of alliance member units attended the meeting.
The establishment of the alliance signifies that the Haining Pan-semiconductor Industrial Park will usher in the “chip” development towards a high-end, international, personalized and multifunctional domestic first-class pan-semiconductor industrial park. It also means that the driving force of “chip”  is to be injected to the domestic pan-semiconductor industry and “chip” vitality to be offered to Haining, a leading position of IC talent industry.

In the event a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation was also held, and Haining Integrated Circuit Technology School reached strategic cooperation with companies and platforms, including SINEVA Zhejiang, Haixin Micro, TDG, and Economic Development Zone (Haichang Street). Cao Guoliang pointed out that the pan-semiconductor industry is an important driving industry for economic transformation and upgrading, and its development is not possible without the education and talents. The establishment of IC industry-education alliance is to achieve the integration of industry and education, and lay a solid foundation for the industrial development.