SINEVA Zhejiang Mobile Robot is Granted Display Industry Award in China by SID

Company News
On August 14, the Society for Information Display (SID) officially announced the six major awards in the display industry in China (China Display Industry Award, CDIA). SINEVA Zhejiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. won the 2019 Best Innovative Display Component Award for its high-grade visual perception mobile robot.

CDIA is an extremely important annual award in the display industry. The award aims to commend the excellent display technology and products of the previous year characterized by novelty, excellence and breakthrough. SINEVA Zhejiang’s award-winning mobile robot supports autonomous movement, intelligent perception, environment reconstruction, and dynamic planning, and with AI technology as the core, it has realized high-precision and high-reliability positioning, perception, modeling and decision-making.The robot can satisfy the flexible and intelligent requirements in the production process of the display industry, especially the logistics demand in the complex dynamic factory environment.

Four capabilities of SINEVA  Zhejiang high-grade visual perception mobile robot:
1. Global real-time 3D positioning based on vision, supplemented with multi-heterogeneous fusion technology
2. Target perception based on AI deep learning technology
3. Large-scale 3D reconstruction and dynamic update of digital factory
4. Intelligent decision-making in a dynamic environment based on behavior prediction technology