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Simple and harmonious working atmosphere
Simple and harmonious working atmosphere
Our team is not only passionate about technology, but also tirelessly pursuing perfection, breaking with tradition and boundaries, but to make sure that our products are unique and provide exciting user experiences.
Director of Overseas Marketing
Number of people:1
Job responsibilities
1. According to the overseas development strategy and market positioning of the business unit, formulate the annual promotion plan, budget plan and marketing strategy of the B-end and C-end of the overseas market to promote the achievement of sales targets;
2. Build a marketing and promotion matrix from 0 to 1, including but not limited to brand official website, SEO/SEM, digital marketing and overseas PR, etc.;
3. Responsible for the planning and promotion of marketing activities, coordinate the development and operation of various online and offline promotion activities, and promote market development;
4. Responsible for brand communication planning, overseas promotion and standardized management, and formulate a full-year brand promotion plan;
5. Analyze and collect industry market data, evaluate market trends, and provide short-term and long-term market forecasts and reports;
6. Responsible for daily work such as team building, training and management of the marketing department.
Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years of working experience in consumer electronics and smart hardware markets;
2. English level 6 or above or equivalent, can be used as working language;
3. Proficient in various overseas online marketing and promotion methods, and rich experience in large-scale online and offline event project planning and brand marketing activities;
4. Strong brand awareness, excellent brand strategy ability and integrated communication skills;
5. Excellent communication skills, pressure-bearing ability, organization and coordination ability, innovative consciousness, and able to adapt to overseas business trips.
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Diversified development
Diversified development
SINEVA team consists of more than 1,000 employees, including the experts and technicians from all over the world who are specialized in various fields and with years of professional technical knowledge.
Open mind and innovation
Open mind and innovation
Our team is passionate and open-minded, there are no unnecessary meetings, no lengthy processes;
We encourage innovation and development by providing a friendly and cooperative working environment.
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